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Our Vision

Our Values

  • We are all committed to ensuring that all of the students in our schools make outstanding progress and have the highest quality support.  This means that we expect staff to do everything that they possibly can to ensure that students are successful.
  • All of our staff are valued and supported.
  • We are committed to collaborating and supporting each other and realising that those with the greatest need should have priority.
  • We are committed to sharing expertise across the Trust and identifying and developing leadership potential to support this as well as the training of future teachers through the SCITT.
  • An understanding that although we are a Trust all of the schools are different.
  • Developing innovative solutions to challenges and change
  • A commitment to sharing services across the schools and being financially disciplined.


Our Priorities

  • Ensure high quality Governance to include clear roles and lines of accountability and a strategy for recruitment. LGB are effective at quality assuring standards in their school.
  • Developing a MAT wide T&L agenda to include sharing of resources, CPD opportunities, joint monitoring and evaluation and opportunities for temporary placements. This also involves working with the SCITT. There are clear quality assurance systems in place to support this.
  • Improve communication across the MAT so that staff in all schools are aware of what is happening
  • Plan for the growth of the MAT across primary and secondary. This will involve developing a marketing strategy and also identifying and building leadership capacity with a pool of talented teachers and leaders across all of the schools
  • Continue to develop centralised services where appropriate
  • The board has a structure in place to ensure that current risks are managed well.
  • Raise standards at EG rapidly and ensure that recommendations from the recent Ofsted at Radford are implemented and that there is a successful first monitoring visit.